Medicine of Last Resort

The Problem

Israel's healthcare system is based on the so called 'healthcare basket' which refers to all the services, medications, supplies and medical equipment that the insured is entitled to receive according to the National Health Insurance Law. 

However, over the past two years, this basket was significantly curtailed. Many individuals find that the treatment they require now sits outside the ‘basket’ of subsidies provided by their Israeli health insurer and thus is beyond their means. Furthermore, a growing number of people do not have any insurance at all or find themselves disqualified for medical care. 

Our Approach

Medicine of Last Resort (MOLR) is focussed on making medicine and treatment accessible to those who need it through the following activities:

  1. Private funding: raising funds for the private purchase of medicines and treatment for those in need. 
  2. Social entrepreneurship: encouraging pharmaceutical companies to subsidise and/or donate drugs/treatments for individuals/groups in need.
  3. Forming test groups: encouraging members of the public and pharmaceutical companies to form test groups for particular drugs/treatments, so as to establish a case for them being subsidised in the future.
  4. Advocacy and lobbying on behalf of individuals or groups: once a case for subsidy has been established, MOLR lobbies on behalf of the individuals/groups who need the drugs/treatment. (MOLR sits under RHIF umbrella and so is a recognised Knesset lobbyist). 

Our Impact

Despite the cuts to the healthcare basket and the growing number of people without healthcare insurance, RHIF is the only charity covering this gap in Israel's safety net. We have given a lifeline to many patients in need by purchasing over $100,000 worth of medicine in 2016. If you want to help patients get the treatment they need, you can make a donation here.