Eradication of Professional Fraud

The Problem

Israel is believed to be the largest national per capita perpetrator of fraudulent representation in the American Bar worldwide.  Further illustrating the lack of professional vetting is the disclaimer on the United States Embassy in Tel Aviv that reads; “information in the list on professional credentials, areas of expertise and language ability are provided directly by the lawyers.”

In the past decade at least, neither the Jerusalem nor Tel Aviv Bar Association Chapters have successfully prosecuted a single complaint forwarded by any American Bar Association. Tel Aviv is particularly notorious with at least two infamous complaints submitted by the New York Bar that have not had their initial hearing in seven years. 

Our Approach

RHIF seeks to enforce obligatory penalties against legal, financial and medical professionals who falsely represent themselves as possessing professional credentials in the United States, United Kingdom and other major countries.  RHIF works with the Israel Bar Association as well as the Ministry of Justice to ensure Western professional standards are maintained.