Illui Student Loans and Scholarships

The Problem

As Israeli Universities slip in international ranks due to severe budget cuts, the number of applicants to higher-ranking universities outside of Israel, particularly Ivy League and Oxbridge universities, has increased dramatically.

Despite many being accepted, the prohibitive costs of degrees at these universities mean few Israeli students can afford to study abroad as they do not qualify for American or British Student Aid. In addition, many banks are unwilling to lend internationally because they cannot price foreign risk or cannot track borrowers outside Israel. Furthermore, those students who can afford to go are already part of the economic elite, which serves to exacerbate the disparity between rich and poor within Israeli society.

Our Approach

Our Illui Student Loans provides students with a viable option to finance their studies, in the form of American and UK style student loans . The loans are collectively funded by a community of alumni, institutional investors and qualified private investors.

These loans represent a mutually beneficial proposition: individual and institutional investors earn social returns by funding the leaders of tomorrow and competitive financial returns as represented by the difference in the interest earned on the loan versus the official interest rate (Treasury Rates or AAA Notes), while students gain access to higher education that would otherwise have been well beyond their reach.

In addition to our loans, we also offer scholarships to Israeli prodigies that have been accepted by top universities abroad. 

Our Impact

RHIF has already funded the US postgraduate degrees of 7 Israeli students.  Due to a lack of funding, we currently have 50 more students on our waiting list. If you want to help fund an Israeli student's degree you can make a donation here.