HaYoreh: First Rains

The Problem

The two biggest stumbling blocks for the establishment of  new NGO's, philanthropies and charities are funding and sustainability. This is a particular problem in the traditional, ossified Jewish philanthropic bureaucracy that is geared towards funding existing and well-known projects rather than new initiatives. As a result, many nonprofits that are better equipped to deal with the rapidly changing social and religious needs of the Jewish community in Israel and the Diaspora never take off.

Our Approach

HaYoreh: First Rains, RHIF's flagship, is the largest Incubator/Accelerator for nascent NGOs, philanthropies, and charities in Israel and the Jewish world. It sits at the cutting edge of social enterprise, adapting the start-up incubator/accelerator model already successfully adopted by many high-tech companies across the globe.

HaYoreh helps non-profits overcome the aforementiond stumbling blocks to their establishment and eases competition for resources by encouraging collaboration. In short, HaYoreh helps fledgling non-profits by making them financially viable and sustainable. By providing social change organizations with hands-on assistance, training and substantial cost savings in the administrative cost of running these organizations, HaYoreh facilitates the creation of new charities, NGOs and philanthropies. 

Our Impact

HaYoreh has over 15 nascent charities, NGO's and philanthropies with a minimum of three years of legitimate contribution to society in areas where almost no organizations participate. All of the Charities under the HaYoreh are independently managed. Currently, another 10 charities are on HaYoreh's waiting list due to a lack of funding. For more information please visit HaYoreh: First Rains' website