The Problem

The grants process is notoriously costly and difficult; over 40% of new charity budgets are exhausted in establishment costs; a preposterous percentage for nascent charities. In addition, many time-consuming applications are lodged unnecessarily and/or rejected due to inadequate research or understanding of the requirements of the donor.

Our Approach

Grant Central strives to be the largest central terminus of grants in the world, providing an end-to-end solution for nascent NGOs, philanthropies, and charities seeking government grants. It helps charities apply for grants and operates an economy of scale managing many grant processes simultaneously and significantly reducing the cost of each application. Grant Central employs a fundraising model typical of investment banking and venture capital firms; finance professionals act on behalf of their client charities or grantees in accordance with their financial interests. The result is an economy of effort impossible for any stand-alone charity to match, either financially or in terms of effectiveness.

Our Impact

Grant Central helped 17 nascent NGOs, charities, and philanthropies to cut up to 50% of their start-up costs, helping them overcome their single biggest financial hurdle. There are 30 more nonprofits that have enquired about our services but we presently lack the capacity to scale up. If you would like to make a donation to Grant Central, you can do so here.