The Problem

Most Jewish and Israeli nonprofits do not have access to the kind of technology, Intellectual Property, marketing/communication, or management resources they need to achieve their mission and make a positive impact on society. 

Our Approach

Sitting under the RHIF umbrella, CharIT, a qualified tax-exempt corporation within the definition of section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code (US), helps nonprofits connect with major companies to generate technical donations from nominal gifts, to Intellectual Property and skilled volunteers. It is a ‘win/win’ for companies and charities alike; the former offset their tax liability, the latter gets access to the invaluable resources of corporates.

CharIT also aims to increase corporate participation by ensuring that Jewish causes are part of various corporate pro bono programs so that Jewish professionals have the opportunity to donate their time and skill set to a Jewish cause. 

Our impact

Thanks to our lobbying, we have helped numerous Israeli and Jewish nonprofits register for corporate pro bono programs. In partnership with the Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley, we have registered nonprofits under the RHIF umbrella with 122 US corporations. Through organizations such as #Charity and the Taproot Foundation, we have registered Jewish/Israeli nonprofits with an additional 50 major US companies. In Israel, our charities are included in the pro bono programs of 20 major companies, including the IT departments of all four national banks. One success story is our partnership with RedBull, which has pledged technological resources to RHIF in the form of website design and hosting for many of its projects.

We have also provided Jewish students from most of the major universities across the US and the UK with the opportunity to showcase their skills and assist an Israeli NGO/charity.