Passport withheld on division of property case

An individual’s passport is withheld on a division of property case. Both sides are represented by Legal Aid. The lawyer appointed to the man fails to appear as he is, in fact, deceased. The judge acknowledges that the man in question is entitled to legal representation and that a replacement ought to have been provided to him. Nevertheless, the judge rules against him.

Judge in first instance also acknowledges he has a case for damages against Legal Aid. He is not, however, appointed a retrial in this matter, nor is he appointed a new legal representative.


Landlord abuses disabled tenant

Landlord abuses a disabled tenant and refuses to refund his deposit upon departure from the property. Disabled tenant is appointed a Legal Aid attorney who wins the case. Despite the judgment in his favour, four years later the disabled individual is yet to have the money returned to him.

American citizen in Family Court proceedings

An American citizen is involved in Family Court proceedings. His passport is withheld and he is subject to a 100% lien for income earned during this time. A Legal Aid attorney is appointed on his behalf. He wins on appeal but his attorney dies before the judgment is enforced. Six years later, he has still not been appointed a replacement Attorney and the judgment is yet to be enforced.

One recent initiative of an affiliated project, the Israel Father’s Rights Advocacy Council, has called for an end to the imposition of 100% liens on father’s incomes for years at a time, aptly described by one District Court Judge Shlomo Elbaz as a “benign incarceration at the financial expense of their family and the American Embassy.”